§ 5. AZN sign

In 2013 Jeykhun Imanov Studio launched campaign in support to AZN sign usage (azn.jis.az). In order to develop the sign and make it easier  to use, we simplified the AZN sign 
and established the guideline for the sign using. Campaign was successfull and for the short period of time the sign, we created, was used throughout the country and replaced the usual insciption of AZN .

Today the percentage of the simplified azn sign usage is fifty percent, another fifty percent belongs to the old sign.

I would like to share my thoughts about the official manat sign, about his creation and approval. Of course, I just guess, but experience tells me, that everything happened the way, I described below.

For sure, the first sign presented by Robert Kalina was very look alike the sign, we made. It was nice and easy in use. Unless someone at the presentation said: “ why does it look like reversed euro sign? We need to make it more unique”. Robert had to change the design to avoid similarity to euro sign and voila! – we see complicated azn sign.

And no one dared to object and say: “ why can not it be like an inverted euro? Is it possible to mix up the euro and manat sign? Not, of course. So, there were no problems with uniqueness from the beginning.  Can anyone mix up $ and S? But they look alike either. So what the problem isю The thing is, that before the creation of the sign, noone thought about the requirments for the new currency sign.

No one thought about it being simple in use, fit all the headsets in the composition, being unique and etc.

I think that our version solves all the problems, and I propose to send the old sign to the honored retirement and use only our, new AZN sign.