About me

Jeykhun Imanov is an expert in design, branding and user experience, entrepreneur, creative director and owner of Jeykhun Imanov Studio advertising agency.

Author of more than 1000 projects in the field of advertising communications, graphic and web design. Member of the jury of competitions, author of numerous speeches on the topics of marketing, branding and design.

In 2005, he opened the Jeykhun Imanov Studio agency, a year later the agency won the BP Design Award in London and became the best design supplier in the world to BP. Today Jeykhun Imanov Studio is the most awarded agency in Azerbaijan. In 2019, the studio received one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, the Red Dot Design Award.

Over the past few years, Jeykhun has been working with the research department of the studio on marketing automation and in 2023 launched his artificial intelligence-based jis.ai platform, which created a number of products, including an automatic smm and image generator, with which you can manage social networks.

For over 18 years JIS has been working with such clients as BP, P&G, Unisef, Pasha Holding in Azerbaijan, Kommesk and Centras in Kazakhstan, Incuda, Teleport mobile, Voicen in Germany. As part of his world tour to get acquainted with the communication agencies of the world, Jeykhun visited 45 countries and interned in more than 150 marketing and digital agencies of the world. Author of the book Insights.