I was passing through Doha. I stayed there only for one night, while traveling to Brazil with Qatar Airways.

While traveling with transit flights, you can stay one night at hotel for free. I was brought to the five star hotel.

In the hotel’s lobby I was told, that because of my miles I can have dinner for free. It was five star dinner, for sure. There were absolutely all dishes I know, both European and asian cuisine.  I was in Qatar only for two hours, and already was loving it with all my touristic heart.

Few weeks later, while flying back to Baku via Qatar Airways I was settled in the hotel gain. But this time the hotel was awful, the worst one in Qatar, I think.  There were two stars on the door but I think even one star is too much for that hotel.

At that moment I thought, perhaps it was a touristic strategy.  In order to build a good reputation for Qatar, they bring you to the best hotel and then they bring you to the bad one to inform, that it is possible to find the hotel, which suits every pocket. Or maybe it’s just coincidence.

There was a sign on the wall in the room, pointing the Kaaba( In Mecca) for religious people who want to pray and do namaz.

Local car numbers

Street signs

Local money