London is one of my favorite cities. I can come here again and again and still find something new and unknown to me.
London and I am sure the whole UK is one great heritage. This heritage is felt absolutely everywhere and it’s a part of 
British people themselves.

Nice numbers everywhere on the walls, each house has its own garniture.

Police on horseback.

Retro cinema. You can have a supper while sitting in the big, comfortable armchairs and watching movie.

Info graphics on the seats in the subway. You can immediately understand, that you took the wrong place. 

Emergency button in the street toilets also duplicated in the area, close to the floor. Maybe in order to help people, who, maybe didn’t feel good and fell down.

It seems like, most of surveillance cameras in the world are located it in London. They are totally everywhere!

Legendary Bromton cycle, produced in London. The only one, which can easily be placed in my car trunk.

Table model name is written on the floor.

It’s million times nicer to leave tips, throwing them into the bottle with water. 

Saatchi Museum. Room with many big ants. I am sure, if there was something else instead of ants, it would still be very cool!

Japanese restaurant. USB charge connector built in table. 

At first sight, you would never realize that these are just sculptures. Especially, at night.

List of IPA (UK Advertisers organization) presidents. The first one is dated by 1927. I guess, that’s the reason, why this industry is so successful.

In London you can rent a bicycle for 2 pounds a day, wherever you want.

Traffic light switcher for pedestrians. Besides audio signal, there is also small button, which starts to rotate and transmits visually impaired people, that they can cross the road.

Electrical refueling station.

As I mentioned before, heritage is a very important. Perhaps most of them would prefer this old Porsche instead of the new one.

Cool chairs it the bicycle shop.

Yellow Guard attracts visitors to the store. 

For the first time I see, how mobile operator criticizes his rival in public!