Palo-Alto is a small city, with great history of building world famous IT companies.
For example, Facebook and Pay Pal offices were based in this building onсe.

HP company was created in the garage of this house. That's very typical success story for Silicon Valley.

Business plan guide, drawn on the napkin. 

Special, door opening button for handicapped people. 

Absolutely all parking places are defined and delineated. From the first sign it seems, as if the car was not parked properly. But, if we look closer, we see, that parking area is delineated.

There is special elevator for handicapped people at the paltform. It helps them to go up to the train. 

Special urinals for children. 

Bicycles for rent, like in London.

Only old, 80s movies are shown in this cinema. 

Nice numbers.

Cars are one of the main distinctive features of the city. They differ from our cars very much. 

Post car.


There is Heaven on the Earth. Most of Palo-Alto consists of private houses. 

Postman cart.

Nice table with spinning chairs, in the park.

Special desk to fold clothes properly. 

Cool bicycle parking.

Commuter trains are called Caltrain.

Stanford, California.

I was sure, that Stanford University consists of one building.
But, the whole city itself is university consisting of many buildings. 

The poles with emergency buttons are adjusted all over Stanford. .

Unordinary place for tatoo. Couldn't figure out, what was written on girl's ankle. 

Special telephones for children. They are set up lower than the other ones.  

Device, which blows air to the legs. Couldn't figure out the reason.  

As if the trees were processed in Photoshop.

The sign shows the end of the street.

Hatches in San Francisco are three times bigger than the usual ones. 

Nice hatch.

Lamp with number, lights on when cashbox is vacant. 

Bordyurdaki rənglər hansı tipli nəqliyyat vasitələrinin dayanacağa icazəsi olduqlarını işarələyir.

The name of the street engraved at the surface. 

Beautiful doors.

Police use bicycles inside the airport. 

Lombard street. Tourists ususally take pictures ap and down.


Tourists drive segways.

Mini hot-dogs. I rarely see new fast food types. 

Some people take trolleys.

Some people use taxis.

Some people drive mini-cars

Beautifully painted house.

Sign on the broken road pavement. 

There are special signs on the door, which leads to the  next train. 

Drawing on the house wall.

Fire truck