Buenos Aires

For the first time in the airplane I saw the places for babies

When the country has its own toilet seat manufacturer, the half of them is delivered by this company. This kind of company in Argentina is Ferrum. Their logo looks like Facebook logo a lot.

Mate is local drink. Everyone in Argentina drinks mate. All people just walk around with their thermos flasks and just add water to mate sometimes.

Local celebrities

Handwriting always looks very sincere

A lot of garbage urns are located upwards

Knitted things are always very cute

Car number

Argentina is one the world’s biggest wine suppliers. You can drive the car in hours and the vineyards on both sides of the road. It’s not surprising, that there is a huge choice of vine in every market.

You can see napkins made of material similar to vellum paper

The official currency of Argentina is peso. Its sign looks like dollar sign. Indeed, why to bother and invent anything different?

You can see audio tapes in some stores

You should pay for almost all main routes

Security system for toilet paper

ower poles are very nice

There is a tradition to put bottle, half filled with water. Apparently, it’s a place of accidents

I was sure, that STOP sign is not translatable

It’s possible to create layout using only stones and without any tools

A bowl with a liquid soap

The fence is hanged after the accident. The old one is lies beneath

Beautiful sign at the gendarmerie

Almost all trucks have special airpumping system on their tires

Cars in Argentina are very old, but some look better than new.

You can see bidet in some places unexpectedly

The ice-cream is sold in foam plastic packages

Beautiful clouds are with you everywhere you go

The beer is given in a special foam plastic packages, in order to keep it cool

Backpacks – local productio

Different mates are sold everywhere

Many gas stations have service of free windshield wash. Good competitive advantage.

I saw fleecy mountains for the first time.

There are figures of different cartoon characters on the road. It’s very interesting.

Argentinean police

Often girls drive bikes themselves

All conditions for mate are available. There are machines for filling thermoses with hot water.

Unique socket norm

In 1904 Argentinean and Chilean army reached the mountain to begin the war. Two generals met each other on 4 m height.  Apparently they chatted, drunk and ate together, became friends and didn’t start the war. They became the national heroes of their countries afterwards. I love happy endings!

Mobile signals are out of service on some routes.  I think, that’s the reason why SOS stations with phone are installed every 10 kilometres.

There are a lot of barbecues on balconies. Argentineans are fod of meat.

Look, how beautiful it looks – letters embossed right on the building

Dressed pillars

The purple lamp means that taxi is available.

There are several types of milonga in Argentina.  One if for tourists and the other ones are for Argentineans, where they sing and dance for themselves.

There is a festival held almost in every city. I wonder when they work!

Memory table made of hotel residents’ photos

Old street sign

Sign of a girl, dancing with backpack

Nice graffiti

Local taxi

Argentina has its own graffiti style. It’s called Filetead

Sometimes bikes are driven by the whole family

Everything is made with love

Policeman on ATV looks futuristic

Meat is roasted under the open sky almost everywhere

Nice graffiti, looks like the one in Palo-Alto

One of the best Flea market, I’ve ever seen.  You can find a lot of old things here, in unlimited quantity.

Street signs indicate the road directions to the cars.

Subway in Argentina is called – Subte.  The color of the sign indicates the information about stations and their belonging to the branch.

By pressing the pedal in the bottom you can open the dumpster

Buses are driven very close to the curb. Just like in London.

Street ads in very beautiful vintage frames.

The official exchange rate of the dollar to peso is very low. You need to go to the black market, in order to exchange dollars in a good rate

The urn

Tattoos are very popular

Crypts in the Recoleta district, built with special scope

Many parents don’t use baby strollers. They carry babies themselves.

I like it, when the house corners are cut

There are pictures of Carlos Gardel everywhere. He was very famous Argentinean singer. His name and tango are connected to each other forever

Beautifully painted house

If I describe Argentina in one word, that would be Love. Especially you can feel it in their rhythm and attitude for lie.