Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, for sure, can be called the capital city of graffiti. They are everywhere and they are beautiful.

Not only fences, but also houses and electrical panels are covered with graffiti

Very beautiful paving stone

The airplanes are flying very low above the city center

Interesting method of sales. During traffic, seller hangs an offer to buy mentos for $2 at the car mirrors

Old Citroen

Urn lifted above the ground

“No smoking” sign is very unusual in Brazil

Nice hatch

The sign at the hatch shows that the company sells cables

A lot of buildings are safe from robbers

A pot with a flower on the tree

Nice painting of brazilian artist Claudio Souza Pinto

Parking space for TV star

Clothing, tied with love for the column

Global manufacturer of sandals  - Havaianas is from Brazil

Nobody cleaned my room for three days until I realized, that I should press the button with girl holding baton