§ 3. Quick view

Some people take a brochure and view it very attentively, some people pay attention only to the pictures and captions, and others can quickly flick through it for a few seconds.

For these reasons, while working on the development of any communication, you need to consider, what will see, feel and understand people with fast view and with detailed view.

Quick view forms first impression and insight. Within a few seconds, people need to understand what is described in brochure, and decide whether they are interested in this information or not.

That’s why at this stage it is very necessary to provide the basic information and refuse everything unnecessary. Otherwise people will not get the point and stop communication due to the lack of interest.

All of these apply to all kinds of communication regardless of whether it is a magazine, billboard, website or booth.

Billboard example of quick view

Web page example of quick view

Centerfold example of quick view